21 and smashed (my car that is).

by racheliliadis

This week I turned 21. Yeahhh. Adulthood has officially arrived. I celebrated with my family at Antica Posta in Midtown and it was just delightful. The atmosphere was romantic and I felt so very loved! The whole day I realized how blessed I am to be surrounded by such great friends who I know will be with me through life. God is so good!

This week was very emotionally draining, too. Yesterday, I went to REI to pick up some things for Africa/Maastricht, and when I came back out to my car I was horrified. The entire driver’s side window had been smashed in and my iTouch had been stolen. There was glass everywhere! I felt so violated knowing that some creep had vandalized my car and stolen from me! What a terrible feeling. I went to bed and I was physically shaking. It’s the kind of thing that you say, “that would never happen to me,” but well…it did happen…and to me. I honestly feel like what happened was spiritual warfare. I know that Satan hates to see God’s people impacting the world for his kingdom, and this happened 13 days before I leave for Africa. Pray..pray..pray! Satan wants to bring us down and discourage our precious hearts before journeys, but I refuse to let that happen! The iTouch was just a material thing, and I can get over that! I’m just glad they didn’t steal my car, or hurt me. It could have been worse.

My parents have been gone on a financial planning excursion so I have been playing mommy for the past two days. It’s been pretty exhausting trying to locate Michael’s lost wallet, cook for him, take care of skip and boots, try to deal with Bekah’s ridiculousness, keep everything clean, and make sure Michael is taking his medicine. (He just got his wisdom teeth taken out on monday). Let’s just say that it has been fun! Yay for parents! They do so much for us!


11 days. I am continuing to count down the days to Drew’s arrival in atlanta and then our departure to Africa! Thanks for everyone’s interest, prayers, and financial support! We are so close to attaining our monetary goal for the trip, and feel so blessed! Each day God reveals his mercies and graces to us, and He has been so faithful!