To Modernism and Beyond!

by racheliliadis

As of this moment, I have officially completed my first week of school as an International student. I am enrolled in two Baylor courses (Civil Rights and Human Dissidence and an independent Political Science class) and two classes through the Center for European Studies (Modernism and Beyond: European Literature and International Relations). So far, I love all of my classes except for the fact that they are 2-hours long. Coffee will be necessary in the CES classes because my professors love to hear themselves talk and I can barely understand what they are saying. I now realize how much work this program is actually going to require. It is going to be A LOT of reading and writing, but if I’m diligent it should be alright. Yesterday, we had a debate about the sovereignty of state and globalization in International Relations and watched Valkerie in Dissidence. So far, so good.

Today, I woke up early and went to the market with Madeline. I LOVE being able to wake up, shop in a market, and walk everywhere. It’s wonderful not having to rely on a car to take you places. We can literally walk everywhere. We also stopped by the phone store to purchase a cell phone. It’s been a very productive day, and a much healthier one. Yesterday, I got food poisoning and was sick all night so I’ve very grateful to be feeling a little better! After class Madeline, Callan, Danielle, Derek, and I got lunch at a gorgeous cafe. There is nothing better than eating outside on a beautiful, cool day.