Time, please slow down.

by racheliliadis

Dear Time,

Where are you going? Where have you been? Why is it that you always feel it necessary to travel quickly through the joyful moments, and drag slowly through the moments of sorrow. It has come to my attention that sometimes you scare me. This is cliche, but it feels like yesterday that I was building forts and living in an imaginative world of singing, dancing, and play dates. And now I’m faced with thoughts about internships, graduation, and marriage. It’s your fault that this new, unknown world is approaching at a very alarming rate. People call it real. That would imply that up to this point in time I’ve been living in a fake world. Yes? I realize that I’m about to enter a world where dear Maxey Parrish would say I’m no longer a “receiver, but a producer.” Wow, that’s intense.

Ready, Set, Go?