It’s madness I say!

by racheliliadis


Welcome to March Madness. One of most hyped sporting events during the year, and both the Bears and Lady Bears Baylor basketball teams made the NCAA tournament!

This past weekend Drew and I drove down to Houston along with the rest of Waco to cheer on the Bears in the SWEET 16 & ELITE 8 games.

Although we got a late start friday (thank you Village Apartments for deciding to turn my water off), we made it on time for the first game against St. Mary’s. Baylor went to work, and won the game 46-17. It was a blowout! I’ve never been to a NCAA tournament before, and it was so exciting to be bursting with school spirit while competing against one of the best teams in the nation.

Chris Brown even showed up.


Since we were in a new city, Drew and I decided to explore Houston on Saturday. We ended up at a random park downtown and just sat in the grass admiring the beautiful weather and scenery. This week has been so emotionally draining, and it was refreshing to just sit and be still. Overall, I think Houston is a great city, but I still do not think I could live there. Too hot, and too Texas.

Sunday finally arrived, and it was the anticipated game between DUKE and BAYLOR. I’m so glad we were able to play Duke because it just goes to show how far Baylor basketball has come. It was a well fought game, and Duke ended up winning in the end. As much as it hurts to loose to Duke, the team I would want to beat the most, it was still such an accomplishment for the Bears to make it to the Elite Eight, and I’m so proud of them! SIC EM BEARS!