junior reflections

by racheliliadis

I am officially done with class as a Junior in college. This year has been wild. Safaris in South Africa and running through the Czeck Republic wild. This time last year, Drew and I were raising support to travel through Africa, and now I am fundraising for a Compassion trip to Nicaragua. Throughout the year, I have traveled to 15 plus countries, and have had my mind and heart opened to the needs and realities of this world. I get nostalgic when I think about my experiences abroad. How I miss the sights and sounds in the streets walking to class, watching old couples holding hands, men bringing sunflowers to their women, and friends sitting casually under umbrellas drinking wine. No one was in a hurry, everyone seemed to enjoy life.

If its possible to grow 3 years in 1 year, I did it. Honestly, I feel as if I have matured tremendously throughout the past 12 months. I guess that’s what living out of a backpack for 3 months will do to you. Now, I am ready to embrace the real world of Public Relations. Ready to create press kits, media releases, design until my head explodes, and write until I have no more words. Sometimes the future makes me nervous, but that’s where faith comes in. I know I am taken care of and I think that’s beautiful.

Senior year will bring a lot of changes. Friends will distance themselves from acquaintances, boyfriends will propose to their girlfriends, and students will stress over job offers (or lack thereof). Throughout my entire life, I have never been afraid of the future. The problem has generally been that I am too willing to accept it. I don’t want to fix my gaze on the future to the point that I completely look past the present.

I am so excited about this summer. I know I am going to continue growing in my professional skills, and in my faith journey. The Lord opened this door for me, and I’m going to run through it with joy, discipline, and determination to be the best Communications Intern I can possibly be! I cannot wait for it to start. May 24, I look forward to you!

In the meantime, I am going to soak in the next week I have left in Waco. This week’s motto: study hard, play hard. I plan on doing both.
Here is a list of 10 things I want/need to do in Waco before I leave:

1. Have a coffee date at CG
2. Walk a bear trail with a friend
3. Go on a photoshoot
4. Study hard for finals
5. Get my car serviced
6. Design the Journalism study abroad advertisement
7. Chuy’s happy hour (mainly for the free queso)
8. Watch fireworks in Cameron Park and have a picnic
9. Set up a meeting with Buddy Edwards from Caritas
10. Go to church under the bridge for one last sunday until August

Love you waco.