Where are you going? Where have you been?

by racheliliadis

This is where I am:

And this is where I want to be:

It is at this point in the semester that everyone is exhausted, and ready for change. For some reason, I just can’t get over the fact that I am three weeks away from being a senior. Whattttttt.

I am currently trying to write my LAST literature paper of what could be my entire life. That is daunting. It’s over Oates’ short story, “Where are you going, where have you been?” Relating that title to my life, it makes me contemplate exactly where I have been, and where am I going. I have been pondering those questions for the past two days, and it just makes me thrilled that I can give those questions to the Lord who has everything under control.

The story is a warning to not get so consumed with the present that we fail to learn from the past, and not look at how our actions have future implications. Connie, the protagonist, is so enthralled with herself that her vanity ultimately leads to her destruction, and death. She has no sense of the past or future. For almost the entire duration of the story, Connie is trapped in the present, a present that has no sense.

That’s a mouthful.

Recently I have been thinking about Compassion a lot. I cannot WAIT to start. Sometimes I wonder why I was blessed with this opportunity. I feel inadequate and get nervous that I won’t be able to handle the tasks at hand. However, I have to trust that the Lord would not have given me anything I won’t be able to handle.

Oh dear…back to paper writing….why can’t literature paper come in blog form instead of MLA format…..