Play Ball!

by racheliliadis

Baseball: America’s pastime and the only place I’ll ever feel good about spending $8.00 on a veggie burger and coke.

Last night, we piled in the cars and rode up to Coors Field to watch the Rockies take on the Padres. I’ve decided baseball is fun for several reasons. One, you get to just sit down and relax with your friends. Two, you get to enjoy ridiculously expensive, yet tasty ballpark food. Three, you are entertained with random games on a massive HD tv for 3 hours. And four, you get to watch little people run in circles all night.

Even if you choose not to watch the game (like me), it is still a blast! It was wonderful to get a change of scenery and enjoy the cool Denver air. Plus, the Rockies won!

So, good conversation, good friends, good game = one fabulous evening.

After the game, some people decided to walk around and enjoy the “night life” of Denver. We found this Irish Pub that had live music and decided to stop in. For the next 1 1/2 hours we danced, danced, danced. What a perfect ending to the night.

(i’m not really sure why I posted this picture. It’s just silly.)