world series, here we come

by racheliliadis

As I sat in the midst of antlers, the claw and thousands of screaming fans, I could not help but continue screaming “THIS IS SO FUN!” Last Friday, Daniel and I got the amazing chance-of-a-lifetime opportunity to watch the Rangers clench the ALCS title and move onto the World Series.

My worst fear was that it would be a Yankees-Phillies world series. But really, who wants to see those teams play again? I’m all about the underdog. Before 2010, the Rangers had not only never been in the World Series, but they had also never won a post-season series to begin with. I think it’s safe to say that the Rangers winning was good for baseball.

Embarrassing the yankees, Game 6 was a sweet success. I’ve never high-fived so many random strangers in my life, and LOVED it. Daniel’s face was lit up like a 5-year-old boy the entire night, and my heart was so happy.

Also, can we talk about how the last strikeout was A-Rod? Couldn’t have been sweeter.


peace and grace.