How to Find the Perfect PR Job (that you love)

by racheliliadis

Class of 2011, we’ve almost made it.

After four years of class, endless social functions and hours upon hours logged at the library, we’ve almost reached the threshold where the magical world of college meets the real world of job searches and student loans. In a few months, we’ll walk across the stage, shake hands and receive our precious diplomas that will enable us to enter the workforce.

For many, this transition is terrifying. No longer will your parents support your dreams and endeavors, and you might even have to move to an unknown city and start life from scratch. For others, it’ll be an easier transition, but nonetheless, you’ll want to put your talents and interests to work in an enjoyable environment.

Ultimately, for every graduate, the goal would be to graduate college with a stellar degree and land that dream job. A job that makes you want to get to work early and stay late. But, is there really such a place?

Absolutely. For me, my perfect work environment would be at a sustainable PR Firm that advocates for mercy and justice around the world. Thus, that’s how I’ll target my search. Each and every one of us were given individual dreams, passions and talents. It just takes time and discipline to find the perfect place. Because no one wants to be sitting at a cubicle doing something they hate in order to pay the bills.

First and foremost, when you start your job search, make a list of your dream work environment. Do you want a fast-paced, relaxing or freelance work setting? It’s important to know your goals, objectives and target your search. Randomly applying to as many PR firms as you can will be pointless.

Do some soul searching, and make sure you have a grasp on your individual strengths and weaknesses. In the end, it’s not worth saying you are an InDesign expert, when you’ve only opened the program a couple of times, just to get a job. You’ll be miserable. Along with that, always be honest on your resume and cover letter. Let employers see who you really are, and how you’ll fit in with their specific culture.

Lastly, when you read the job description pick up on the qualities of what they’re looking for in an employee. If you feel that it’s describing you, apply! Always go with your gut. If you have an uneasiness while reading the job description, move on. You’ll get a sense of peace, joy and excitement when you find a job worth applying for.

Below are a few sites to help you get started on your job search:

Don’t forget to check with local school districts and governmental job banks as jobs in education often pay well as PR plays a vital role in governmental activities.

Good luck on your job search, and may you find the perfect place to start the next phase in your life.