Rock of Divine

by racheliliadis

We could not have asked for a more Spirit-filled day. God truly makes beautiful things. When we asked Him to move this morning, we had no idea the blessings in store for us at Rock of Divine Orphanage. From the moment we arrived, we were reminded that we were created to create. The Lord is already moving in unimaginable ways and transforming our hearts to be more like His.

Let’s start from the beginning.

We woke up bright and early at 7 a.m. to prepare our hearts for the day ahead. Our morning devotional focused on John 15, which talks about Jesus as the vine and us as the branches. Essentially, it’s about remaining in Jesus in order to bear fruit. By remaining in Jesus and spending time with Him, we are able to produce fruit for His kingdom. We knew we could only be His hands and feet if we were to pray without ceasing.

After our lovely breakfast of hot oatmeal, scones, eggs and coffee, we packed up our suitcase with the VBS material and piled into the cars. After about 30 minutes in the car, we found ourselves at the door of the orphanage. We jumped out of the cars to the noise of children laughing, playing and singing inside the compound.

When we first arrived, Kristin and Brad lead the team upstairs to the boy’s dormitory. The director asked us to paint the room blue and white. As soon as the paint was poured and the brushes were laid out, the young boys rushed into the room hoping to help with the project. We soon realized there weren’t enough brushes for the entire team to paint so we delegated the job to the younger boys.

Your first though might be, “You flew all the way to Liberia to make the children paint their own room?” But take a moment to think about it. We came to give them things that they normally aren’t given. This was a chance for them to take leadership and ownership over their work. Plus, they LOVED it!

For the majority of the day, we simply loved on children. It was incredible to be able to hold, laugh and love on a child that normally didn’t receive day-to-day affection. A child’s faith is a beautiful example of God’s love and grace towards us. We were reminded of that each time we looked into the eye and connected with one of the children.

After lunch, we setup a VBS program that included songs, storytelling and coloring. They blew us away at how well they listened to Dimitri illustrate the story of the Old Testament, from Adam and Eve up to Jesus. Kristin led the songs and was brought to tears at the children’s knowledge and excitement while singing “JOY” and “Deep and Wide.” They knew the songs better than we did. For that moment, it seemed as if time stopped and nothing else mattered.

The rest of the afternoon included playing soccer, games, piggyback rides and even a few staring contests. Even though they were wearing old clothes and playing in the dirt, these children displayed more love and joy than many of the people around us back home. Including ourselves. A few of the children even asked us not to go home and we were struck by their immediate trust and desire for love. Taylor was even asked by one the younger boys not to leave. She was brought to tears when the reality hit her that soon we would be back in America. Our time here is special, and we are quickly realizing how difficult it’s going to be to say goodbye. We came to bless children, but were blessed tenfold in return.

After saying our goodbyes at the orphanage, we traveled to the Liberian coast to visit Myrtle beach for a quick dip in the ocean. Although 5,000 miles from the Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, it was exciting to know that we were sharing the same ocean. It was a fun, carefree time for us to unwind and enjoy bonding as a group.

When we returned to the compound, we ate a delicious spaghetti dinner before debriefing our day. The food here is incredible! Many thanks to Louise for providing us with bountiful meals. We are grateful. During our time of debriefing each member of the group shared their most memorable moment of the day. It’s only the first day, and our hearts for poverty and children are breaking. God is revealing himself to us in powerful ways through the children at Rock of Divine Orphanage. Favorite moments of the day included: playing with children, singing songs during VBS and getting the opportunity to watch prayers be answered.

After a time of prayer and reflection, we said goodnight and began dreaming about the exciting moments to come.

We can only imagine what tomorrow will bring.