Christmas: what is it really about anyway?

by racheliliadis

Eleven days. That’s how many shopping days you have left to receive free shipping, pick up those last-minute gifts, and buy decorations for that Christmas party you don’t have time to host.

But you didn’t need me to tell you that.

You simply need to open up your email inbox, your mailbox, or your cell phone to read about that “sale that ended five minutes ago!”

For most of us, it seems that from Black Friday to Christmas Day, it’s all about rushing to meet deadlines. And in the midst of the chaos, the peace of Christmas seems to vanish as quickly as the sales.

Now before you rush off to the store, take a second with me to be still, and ask yourself, what is all this about anyway? Is Christmas really about baking sugar cookies?

Deep breath. Jesus. It’s all about Him. After all, wasn’t it Jesus who gave freely, sacrificing everything – His very life – for our salvation? He is the one who we should be showering with our affection, our time, our money, our everything.

Maybe in order to experience the fullness of Christmas, we must experience the fullness of Christ. Taking our eyes off of ourselves and onto the foot of the cross, learning how to give as He gave. And in the process, maybe we should follow in the wisemen’s footsteps, bringing our best gifts to the King.

Don’t allow the chaos of the season to distract you from the very reason we are celebrating. Let’s make this a Christmas worthy of our Savior. Entering each day with a heart of worship and adoration, remembering the birth of our Lord and loving others through our actions.

And giving your time, money, and energy to glorify God will always result in the richest, purest form of joy. And the beauty of it all?

There’s no deadline.

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” – Luke 2:14 (KJV)