spread the love

by racheliliadis

I love Valentines Day. You may be thinking, “Why would anyone, love such a holiday?” But really … I do. It’s the one time throughout the year where culture and society tells you to spread the love … to everyone.

Stores are filled with arts & crafts, adorable red and pink cut-out hearts, candies, flowers, and notes to send to friends, lovers, and family. What some people consider “Singles Awareness Day,” or “Just another commercial holiday,” can be turned into a colorful, delicious reason to makes someone’s day brighter!

Seriously, what better day than February 14 to bake someone a cupcake or tell a stranger that they’re loved? So whether you’re dating, engaged, single, or widowed, take today to step outside of yourself, and do for others.

But you may be among the many individuals who are dreading today because you can’t bare the fact of the A word. (Alone). The truth is that you’re the furthest from (alone). In fact, you are being pursued by the strongest, most complete love man could ever know. A love that reaches into the depths of the soul and into the desires of your heart: the love of the Father. Don’t let today become “loneliness awareness day.” Lean into the Father’s love. For it’s the only true, everlasting source of what our soul is truly craving.

And because I believe today can be so much MORE than a romantic holiday, here are some ideas to just have FUN and enjoy encouraging and loving others today. A few of my favorites:

Who says you have to spend a lot of money to spread the love? These cards are cute, quirky, easy and affordable to make! Too fun.

Encouragement goes a long way. This is such a creative way to tell the people around you how much special they are to you!

Oh, this is the dream! And if you think for one second that this isn’t on my list of things to do tonight … you are mistaken my friend!

Beautiful colors for today!

Oh, how did this get in here? 🙂

Get out there and spread the love. ; ) Happy Valentines’ Day!

*Thanks Pinterest for the images.