an african adventure

by racheliliadis

the first time back to the airport together! it's a special place for us. 🙂 mmm, cozy!

After two years of dreaming, scheming, and hoping to return to Tanzania, the anticipated day has finally arrived! And this time, I’m traveling in order to help capture the heart and soul of Karama through photography, video, and the written word. But what is Karama? It’s a fair trade non-profit that helps fund local artisans, along with Young Life Africa, and in the process, empowers women with dignity and honor!

The story behind this trip:

Three years ago, my life changed when a close family friend allowed me to tag-a-long with them on their trip to africa. From the bustling city of Dar es Salaam to the stunning Cape in South Africa, we had the unique opportunity to visit several ministries. One of the places that stuck out to me the most was a fair trade, self-sustaining business in Iringa, Tanzania called Neema Crafts.

My heart exploded with the thought of getting involved with a fair trade nonprofit. So after meeting some of the coolest, most Jesus-centered people on earth, I learned about Karama. And the rest is history …

All that to say, for the next 14 days, I will be traveling with a fellow Karama mama, Erin, throughout Tanzania photographing different artisans that Karama supports. It’s the best. I’m beside myself, bursting with gratitude and joy! THIS IS TOO TOO COOL.

And so currently, I’m sitting in the international terminal waiting to board my flight to Amsterdam (another important place in my journey, but that story is for another post!), and for the first time in my life, I’ll be traveling s-o-l-o. Can you say, exhilarating?!

Any & all prayers for safety, creativity, and good health are welcomed with open arms!

With gratitude,