30 list

While I was backpacking through Europe in 2009, a friend introduced me to the idea of a “30 before 30 list,” and I though, “how clever!” So, here’s my go at the top 30 things I’d like to accomplish before my 31st birthday. Cheers!

  1. complete a 365 project
  2. marry my best friend
  3. work as a travel, humanitarian photographer
  4. grow my own garden
  5. publish an article in a foreign country/language
  6. climb mt. kilimanjaro &/or mt. olympus
  7. shark cage dive with Great White sharks
  8. start my own photography business
  9. hold a yoga pose on top of the largest sand dune in North America
  10. adopt a puppy
  11. see a lion in the wild (safari) 
  12. learn a second language (conversational)
  13. have a library in my home, including a complete collection of C.S. Lewis, Chesterton, & Fitzgerald
  14. knit my own wool socks
  15. visit Auschwitz 
  16. use my library card
  17. read the bible cover-to-cover
  18. write love letters
  19. collect every Beatles’ vinyl (almost there!)
  20. pay all my own bills  
  21. live abroad for at least a year
  22. go on an epic roadtrip across the country (east to west, or north to south)
  23. climb a 14er in Colorado
  24. snowboard in the Swiss Alps
  25. run a half marathon
  26. attend either a world cup game or the olympics
  27. take guitar lessons, & relearn the violin
  28. serve consistently within my church community (worship team)
  29. write a book
  30. start a family